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Hi All, 

Has anyone written any more recent diaries during their training similar to those in the downloads section. Found them to be interesting reads and wandered if more people had them they would want to share. 

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Moved this to the training section as I know we have had a few successful people who might be going through training now or in the near future. For anybody who is going through initial training, appreciate you may be a bit busy on your course, but at the end of it, we would certainly be interested in hearing your experiences and see if there has been much change since the last diaries.;)

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Not much of an incentive, but if anyone does create a diary of their recruits course in as much detail as the existing ones, I will pay for your next 12 months subscription when your current one expires ;)

These were very popular on all versions of the site so I would welcome more of them to not only document your journey, but allow others to see your experiences throughout. 

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