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Old Fire Extinguishers


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Good afternoon all, i apologize if this is the wrong place to post this but i need some help.

I am Head of a solar company and we have approx. 50 fire extinguishers Water, Foam, C02 left over from our installation days that i need to dispose of, if someone wants them for training i would be happy to gift them away, if not how am i supposed to dispose of this many fire extinguishers? 

Many thanks for your help. 

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As a company, you will already have a contract relating to waste disposal.  I suggest you start there for advice on recycing or disposal 

More here recycling your fire extinguisher

Also, although you offer to gift the units to others for training is a generous one, I would urge you to take care and ensure any such units are within test date and are supplied with test records.

If this is not possible, I suggest you make it clear that the person receiving the goods is aware that they are not in date, and get them to sign a document confirming their acceptance and understanding.

Over the top? The vast majority of extinguishers are never operated so the risk of injury is low . However all training extinguishers will be used. It is essential that risk is controlled, and one control measure is ensuring they are in good nick and effectively maintained.

It would be cruel justice and poor business if gifting cost you more in litigation than the price of disposal!!

Good luck

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