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Does anyone have any tips/habits when it comes to cleaning things such as helmet and gloves?

I feel these get neglected, even though they probably get the most exposure to contaminants proportionately. Ive lost count of the number of times I've got my gloves dirty, had to take one off to do some task that needs more dexterity, then had to put it back on and end up getting the inside of the glove dirty. And the webbing inside Rosenbauer helmets have a distinctly German level of engineering that makes it very hard to clean.

Is this a latent risk we're overlooking regarding contaminants or will a quick wipe of trigene do?

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I always try and clean my helmet (no pun intended...) as best I can with wipes just getting at whatever part of it I can inside and out but the way they are made they are almost impossible to clean completely. As for gloves I dunk them in warm soapy water, or use a bit of cleaning solution used for the BA masks and just wash them thoroughly and then let them dry out.

I rarely see anyone cleaning their helmet after a job and as mentioned on other threads on here it really should be taken more seriously.

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