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High Rise Fires Post Grenfell


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I'm sure there will have been quite a few fires in high rises since Grenfell, many we would probably regard as routine. I think this one at a Dunmurry Tower may have briefly made the national news, but locally the media have been in full overdrive.

The main focus has been on that the fire alarm didn't sound throughout the building, whilst in reality this was a perfect example of a where the stay put policy is correct for the building. From all accounts the fire was contained to the flat of origin, with a bit of hard work by the initial attending crews and the bulk of firefighting was done and dusted within 30 - 45 minutes.

Are there any other examples and how have the media portrayed the events? 

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What fire alarm?

In buildings with stay put policies there is rarely detection in the common parts or even manual call points.

Like at Grenfell, there may be detectors to open smoke vents but they will not raise the alarm.

I notice the LFB are encouraging common detection in flats where this was not the case before. Like the blanket (non risk assessed) approach installaion of sprinklers in all blocks (as Wandsworth Council appear to be doing) it' s going to be a vandals charter and will add pain rather than protection to most residents ?

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Funny you say that Jamie - We were at a local multi on Sunday Dayshift there for an AFA. Even before getting off of the pump you could hear the alarm sounding. SFRS operate 'stay-put' also, but I must admit I was surprised there wasn't a ton of residents trying to escape the noise if nothing else. An alarm sounding like that is very contradictory to 'stay-put'.

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