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FIrst Aid Training?


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Just my medical to go and hopefully get to start in May 2018 but was wondering........

What level of first aid training (if any) do firefighters receive as part of training?

As always, thanks guys

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We had a 3 day basic trauma course in training. We've since had a 6 day IEC (Immediate Emergency Care) course, formerly known as the FPOS (First Person on Scene). The IEC is put together and certified by WMAS. 

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Here with Dorset you have to complete our first aid course as part of your development. It is based upon the RNLI 'Big Sick, Little Sick Process'. You basically follow the cards provided and treat them as required.

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We all do a five day Immediate emergency care course which is roughly FPOS Enhanced level, covering all you would in a full first aid at work course with extra input on trauma care, 02 therapy and defibs. We also have additional paitent obs training to support co-responding which is done by the training team on station, including the limited drugs we can give such as Salbutamol.

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