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Amputee Firefighter


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I was always under the impression that someone like this put you out the job I know you cannot discriminate but obliviously guess there is a pile of paperwork and possible restrictions in what can and cannot do?

Good to see someone able to carry on life as normal as possible though.

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I'd say there would be no restrictions to what he can/cannot do - if he's passed free for Ops following job related assessments, Ladder work, BA, etc then he's Ops... like anyone else, no restrictions.

Hat's off to he guy and anyone else unfortunate enough to become disabled whilst in the job or those currently wanting to join with disabilities... if you can pass the tests there is no issue.

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There is a firefighter in the far north of Scotland who lost his arm over 10 years ago. The Service (HIFB) treated him appallingly at the time, but he fought to prove what he was capable of and get back in and eventually thay had to agree with him.

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If a FF is fit and able and can carry out everything as needed I have no issue, I think its great.  Some adaptations may need to be made which I think is acceptable. 

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