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Hi guys

Back in the day, you could go to Norwich, or somewhere... and do a course, to get your exams. This was in the days when FSEB was still a thing, and the Grads was the SO equivalent. 

Are there any courses i could do to get my Members? 

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I wish there was, I could do with some of that. We used to run a course in Manchester at Trafford College in the 90s which all those taking them would attend. I have been looking to attend similar for years. 

I recently expressed my concern to our development department who ran a 2 hour session on how to study. They failed to grasp that I know how to study and make use of a teddy and a packet of polos at an exam, I just have no idea on the content of Bernoulli's and how to work it out. Ive turned the book upside down, back to front and it still looks like it might as well be in hieroglyphics :D

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Mate, when I took my members I took the decision to right off Bernoulli’s equation.  I learnt the equation but gave up trying to understand it.  I decided I’d have only 7 questions to choose from instead of 8 (as Bernoulli comes up most years) and concentrated on the rest of the syllabus.

48 marks out of a possible maximum of 120 gets you a pass so just 2 well answered questions and you’re almost there. 

Dyson I’ll ask the IFE people and find out mate 

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I think I wrote an explanation and example of Bernoulli's on the old forum somewhere - under username amandafahy - might be worth digging out if you're struggling. 

Am happy for a PM if I can help out too


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I used this guy for most of my revision for the Science paper. FRC Online He's really easy to understand and you can pause, rewind and go back over things if needed.

The way I saw it, as Bernoulli comes up pretty much every year I made sure that I got the gist of it, (including the workings out as you get marks for that too) to give me a better chance of scoring some points. Why not revise for a question that you are almost guaranteed to get come up rather than spend hours revising a million other topics which may or may not come up.

The amount of stuff that I crammed into my head only for it not to get asked is nobody's business!!

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As mentioned in another thread, GMFRS have now dropped the requirement for the Science paper. You no longer have to pass it. Instead its being replaced with online modules which you have to undertake as part of your development. 

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I was wondering if anybody has any revision stuff for the Level 4 Ops that they wouldn't mind sharing?

 I can only go back 3 years on the IFE website for previous papers, has anyone access to anything else?

Should have started sooner.......:S


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