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Old Hands Return

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21 hours ago, Proto said:

Hi All,

Used to be a member here but lost touch as I felt being retired a long time (21 years now) my contributions would be completely out of date, so stopped visiting much. After a conversation with Carl and a bit of info about this new version I joined again.

Nice to be back although I don't imagine you'll see me posting a lot, but I see some 'old' faces still with this group. :) 

Welcome back Proto

I retired 8 years ago and already feel very much out of the loop despite having regular dealings with the LFB in my current role

So I can only imagine how wide that gulf must feel for you. But it is still about fire prevention  and if that fails, putting wet stuff on the hot stuff.  Its just that the language, attitude and approach has changed politically and on the ground.

Your views, experience and input are just as useful now than they have ever been. They may add a different dimension to understanding for those still in the job. So do not be a stranger...... Old Un ?

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