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Kent - Fog Spike and HV Jet

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I am looking at timber framed building fires and have some reading regarding a job in KFRS a couple years ago.  I have read that fog spike was used, as was a 'HV' jet.

I have heard of fog spike but as we don't have it, could somebody tell me in our language what it is exactly please? A for a HV jet, never heard of that one before.  Unless it is a typo, could somebody divulge?

PS.  if you can help but aren't from Kent FRS, feel free to answer too :)


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Fog spikes are on all our non cobra appliances. It's a thin metal rod with a simple on off valve and can be attached to hose reel or main jet and produces a fine mist. It comes in "attack" and "restrictor" versions, both carried, which basically Is a choice between a 8m throw with 2m diameter cone or a 3m throw with a 5m diameter cone respectively. Runs at six bar main jet or 20 bar hrj and uses about 70 litres a minute. We use a drill or hammer to make an entry hole and then leave it in situ to bring the temperature down/ create a fire break or just generally control conditions before commiting. 

There was a large line of timber new builds that went up a couple of years ago in Canterbury and they provided a very good fire break. We first used ours on a locked transit with a fire in the rear compartment. Stabbed it through the door until we could gain full access and stopped through whole van becoming involved. I personally think it's a great bit of gear.

I can only assume HV hose reel is referring to the newer large diameter hose reels we have? Not heard the term HV used here. "High volume" maybe?

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Having had a demo of cobra from one of the cobra crews during training, they prefer the fog spike overall. We’ve heard nothing about the HV jet though, so not a clue. Only thing I can think of would be jet from a height vehicle, but strange way of putting it.

Not sure much info is out yet, bar what’s in the news, but Holbrough Lakes job in Larkfiekd a couple of weeks back was timber framed and I imagine fog spikes were used during that.

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