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That's Andy Burnham for you !! Full of pipe dreams and soundbytes - typical politician - say's one thing to drum up interest for his own personal benefit so it looks like the white knight has rode into town -  he did nothing for my town when he was the MP.

I wouldnt worry to much about this seeing the light of day

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4 hours ago, Matt said:

  Does that mean you will be getting beds back :)

And bars!! ?

I suppose the devil is in the detail.  Some urban fire stations were built with accommodation above or at the rear. You could make an argument that these spaces available for the homeless. 

Let's not forget that homeless doesn't always mean the vagrant in the ship doorways. There has been a huge rise in the amount of kids in the same temporary  hotel room as their parents in recent months.

If these most vulnerable group can be accommodated in such spaces without the direct involvement of the F&RS involved and with security and safety measures in place, why not.

Maybe Andy Burnham has hit on a good idea. I walk past around 30 rough sleepers on my way to work. All of them sleeping within the sound of Big Ben. It's reassuring that at least one former MP noticed them when being whisked by

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