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Back Home Safe and Well


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Following on from a post by @Noddy, thought I'd post a new topic about the latest initiative from WMFS (copied from their facebook page);


'Back Home Safe and Well' is a new scheme we're trialling with University Hospital in Coventry. Some patients - who've had a fall, perhaps - can feel extra vulnerable when they're discharged. We step in if they don't have anyone to get them home safely. It lets us assess any fire-related risks they might face at home. And if we spot anything else, we work to get them help from other organisations.

I thought the initiative was only crewed by volunteers but this may not be the case. Thoughts?


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I volunteered as a community Safety Officer, which involved conducting home safety visits (which subsequently evolved to Safe and Well visits) for Hampshire a little while back. I had heard that wholetime crews would do follow up visits post-incident, but not necessarily Safe and Well visits? Not sure if wholetimers had started doing them...?

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Is this not something LFB wholetime do? Granted maybe leave the pump in the bay but still? 

Asking as a Genuine question O.o

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Yes, we might go back post incident to fit smoke alarms if they don’t have one etc but we don’t ‘step in to help people home’ after a fall or an accident.  Also, I’m most cases when we carry out home fire safety visits we are on the run (operational) so the whole crew attend and the appliance waits outside the persons home.

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