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Recycling Plant Fires


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Im sure like us in Greater Manchester, many services have seen an increase over the years in these  type of jobs. However its nice to see that some action has been taken against this individual who has contributed a fair amount to those round the clock relief duties. 

Recycling Plant Boss Jailed

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Its about time the Govt led a review of how fire safety at these sites is enforced. Current fire safety legislation is primarily life safety biased with little to no input about property, storage arrangements and environmental matters - Time for change to enable the fire service to protect the environment as well as people??

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Yep - more toothless guidance!  that'll do the trick!!! ;)

While the big boys will sign up to appease customers and local authorities (who issue waste licences), I doubt if the 100s of one-man bands will change anything.

Sorry, the amount of environmental damage, disruption to community fire cover and taxpayers money this is wasting annually sure demands fresh legislation? But with Govt legal bods tied up with Brexit and dismantling 'red tape', it won't happen soon unless a breakers yard appears and catches fire next to Chequers when Theresa May has her washing on the line ;)

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I spent a good few hours here last night, and suspect I will be back a number of times over the next few days.  This is at least the third time I have been to big fires at this place that "processes" piles of scrap timber for recycling.  Last one was only a year or so ago.  Nothing much seems to have changed with regard to security, separation, fire precautions etc.  Each Fire involves an ECFRS presence on site for around a week, much of that time it will be at least 3 or 4 pumps and specials.  The disruption to surrounding businesses is substantial due to the location and required road closures / hose runs etc.

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