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The Mist


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Rather odd occurrence down my end of the kingdom this weekend.

As it's the next door brigade I can't get any details of what actions were taken but interesting as hazmats go. 

What sort of kit do DIM vehicles carry for airborne unknowns like this, if any? Seems as if symptoms abated once people were out of the hot zone but still rather mysterious. Any idea what it could have been? What would be your thoughts as an OiC with this many casualties presenting with the same condition?

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Heard it may be a suspected chlorine leak from a French powerstation from a friend who works in that industry, how true that is I don't know, but it seemingly has all the symptoms of chlorine gas so it could well be....

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Met office have said it is unlikely it came from France given the weather pattern yesterday and ESFRS have said it was very unlikely to be chlorine so I think the answer lies closer to home. 

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Did a hazchem course with the yanks a bit back, the " hazmat dept" had just gone out and spend a bundle on a state of the art drone, and having got the new toy then looked at trying to fit 

equipment to it

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Americans eh?! In response to the original question there is a range of kit on the DIM trucks that will detect airborne chemicals. Probably the most useful one in this instance would've been a piece of kit called a Hapsite which is a very sensitive sniffer that will detect chemical concentrations down to the parts per trillion if so required. However, there are also low tech solutions such as glass tubes that will react with chlorine so if they didn't go off, it's probably not chlorine! 

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