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I'm very pleased to announce that I've been successful through KFRS's recent wholetime recruitment campaign (as well as two other forum members!) - the initial training starts next week and I want to thank every contributor to this forum, as well as the old one. It's the beginning of what I hope to be a long and exciting journey. 

My advice to anybody currently going through recruitment or planning to, is to only focus on the immediate stage you're heading towards. I under-performed in the past because I was worrying so much about the ability tests when I was still in the process of filling out my application! Fitness training should be happening anyway, but you really want to buckle down and familiarise yourself with the PQAs, the brigade's core values etc.

Also be sure to read through the PQA BARS sheet - I'm not advocating fabricating any part of your examples, but in my case there were 'boring' details in my examples that I would have otherwise left out that actually turned out to tick a few boxes and helped me get the job.

Thanks again to everyone on this forum! I'm not going anywhere,  and I look forward to helping people get their dream job in the future.

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Congratulations Nathan, well done. We always tell people, if they put the work in, they will get there. 

Hope you do continue to post and help others and also start to enjoy the operational topics when you training is complete. So many times we see members come, get what they want and then disappear, so its always nice if we do see people stay. ;)

Good luck in your training :)

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2 hours ago, ItsNathanHere said:

Very pleased to announce that me, Crog and Yal-1737 have all successfully passed out and are due on station in the new year! (Hope I haven't stole your thunder by posting this guys).  

It would be nice for them to have created their own post, but congratulations to you all. Now the work begins ;)

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On 18/12/2017 at 15:49, OscarTango said:

Well done guys, do you know where you'll be sent first?

Thanks mate. I'll be at Canterbury for the first 3 months then onto Rochester for 6 months before returning to Canterbury for final 3 months of 2018. Nath and Crog will be at Dartford first, then Chatham and back to Dartford I think.

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