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Greater Manchester Training Centre

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Thought I would share a link to a video of the new Greater Manchester Training Centre that has just opened this month. All crews are all booked in to attend over the next few months for 2 days of assessments. Not sure if I am looking forward to that or not :D

Cant see us going to the Fire Service College much now :(

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Is GMFRS hoping to steal some of the colleges clients then?

Obviously us southern softies will still go to the college as we get nose bleeds the further north we go?

I notiice from the clip it was due to be opened mid 2016..I take it it went over budget

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Not sure on the budget, I suspect so. In terms of Moreton, probably. I was down last week as a VL for the last time.

The next time I teach will be somewhere within an FRS, they have priced us out to be honest. No bad thing I guess. They just made everything so difficult. In fact the fireground is being swallowed up slowly by an ever increasing housing estate.

Back to Manchester, it will be nice to have a decent site at last that will be modern, regardless of cost :)

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I know when this site was being planned, there was no intention of providing commercial fire training there.

Is that still the case?

I have been looking for a commercial fire training provider in that area who could supply realistic off-site fire scenarios for a 'responder' team within a commercial setting

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I will try to find out for you Messy. Im sure they will be looking to claw some cash back. Its cost £11 million so its seems daft not to.

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I used to love delivering commercial training at Washington Hall, its a shame no investment was made into teh props and they went into disrepair making the centre unviable for future commercial training. All of the props have since been removed, No chemical complex, no fuselage, no flanges, no fire ground paraffin bunds, a shame we have lost all of those opportunities. We are however just about to open up  anew multi compartment prop with atomised paraffin sprays, wind driven fires etc so looking forward to that its long overdue.

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Just to update those interested in our new facility, we now take bookings from local schools to attend and experience a host of scenarios with safety in mind. The Safety Centre page may give you an idea of what we have on offer.

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