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Incident Command Training


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As a service we use XVR as an assessment tool. I am a watch manager and deliver ICS training.  I am after some videos to use for training where the scenario can be tailored. Does anybody have anything they have made at all that could possibly be emailed to me?

Many thanks.

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We use XVR in Manchester for the same purpose, however, I am under the impression that the scenarios used were all part of a purchased package. We have IT Guru who adds all the effects etc but presumed the scenarios were bought. If the IT Guru does create them in house, would they too not be subject to licensing or copyright to the FRS in question? I must admit I don't know the full in and out of it. I also see no reason why you couldn't speak with FRS's such as Manchester and see if you could "share" resources.

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Thanks for your reply.  I think our xvr scenarios are made by us, and xvr itself is licensed yes.  What I am after though is just some training videos of a property on fire for example but this does not have to be made by xvr.  Could be as simple as adding effects to a real video for example. 

Hope this makes sense

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