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Contract after Conditional Offer


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So I got a conditional offer pending references and medical check. Attended WFRS head office for medical last Weds and was told by the doctor he was happy and would let us know very shortly of the outcome. I am aware that both of my references have been submitted. 

I spent a bit of time at a local fire station at the weekend and they advised me that induction day is pencilled in for 1st Sept. But I haven't heard anything yet. Is this normal??|!! I'm just aware that puts the start date in approx 3 weeks. I'm assuming people have given their current employers notice but up to now no-one has told us a definite start date so not sure what people have told their employers!! i'm lucky in that I can finish whenever I like! 

Is it normal practice to not get start info and contract till a short time before start date?? 

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Firstly, well done.

Try not to take too much notice of the start date you were given at a fire station, fire station rumours are famous for almost always being wrong.  Is this for WT or RDS?

Unless married or related to HR personnel us firefighters wouldn't have a clue when training courses are due to begin, and why would we?  We aren't privy to Personnel matters, unless of course it involves us directly.

You could always give HR a ring and ask some questions, that's what I'd be doing anyway.

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Hi @Carefree. Its for wholetime.

I guess im more nervous that something has gone wrong at the medical or with references, cant stand not knowing! 

I didnt want to bother HR too much, didnt want to be known as the annoying guy!!


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MHaldron, unless you've contacted them several times previously they shouldn't mind you making an enquiry.

The alternative is just sitting tight and playing the waiting game.

I hope you get the news you want, let us know.

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Think I am going to give it until Friday lunchtime and then call if I haven’t heard anything. 

I’ve only had to call them once previously so hopefully I’m not on the naughty list yet!!

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Its an induction day mate, its not the course start date. You will probably find out the course details on this day ( along with lots of corporate stuff about the firms practices and maybe a few group exercises) You'll probably also get your uniform and service ID.

I was given two weeks notice to attend my induction day, and i did not hand my notice in until i was told it was ok to. Chances are the course may not have a start date yet as i remember Warks were talking about a Sept course

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I had a similar situation to this and it was really late notice by the time I got confirmation of my references and DBS check so I rang HR a few times in the weeks leading up to this, as I was, as you might guess, pretty anxious to get it all confirmed. HR were however really approachable and very helpful. I know it can be quite daunting ringing 'the fire service', but they're just people at the end of the day. I'm sure they won't mind you asking the question.

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