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Training Records and Assessments

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Im interested to know how each FRS records their maintenance of skills. In Greater Manchester we recently switched to LearnPro as our Learning Management System. Not convinced yet that its an ideal tool but its early days, so willing to give it go.

It consists of all our lectures in the form of SOPs and PowerPoints along with online assessments. If you get less than a set score 3 times in a row for a particular subject, you are locked and a WM has to unlock it and address the reason why you failed the assessment. If you pass, then this score is added to your MOS. The practical parts of the same subjected are signed up by the OiC.

I know a lot of FRS's use or have used RedKite which seemed to be a popular choice years ago, but I presume this was just a recording system.  

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Funny you should post this, there was at event at Farnborough yesterday for FRS around this.

PDRPro seems to be a popular one with Brigades but some do seem to have their own Moodle for this purpose.


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Essex, unsurprisingly, have done there own thing rather than buy an off the shelf system that is proven to work.  It works of a fashion.  It records training and has some online assessments built in for new SOPs and alike.  Where it falls down is it is clunky to use, very much a case of forcing people to use 12 clicks when only 2 are needed if the designer put a bit of thought into it.  Also we have to duplicate (or more) information in places because we missed an opportunity to link in things like station training plans.  As a watch manager, I enter it once on the planner, then again in my own training log as does each ff in their log, then I have to enter it once more for each ff on station to verify whether or not they actually did the training.  Not joined up!

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We have something called the eIDR (electronic individual development record) in Shropshire. It's all computer based and you log an activity against the requirements each time you drill or attend an incident. It's quite easy to use and details which activities are annual, 6 monthly or quarterly etc. We log review of SIPS and SOPS on this as well. Those of us in development still have a seperate NVQ log to complete alongside this. 

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We use PDRpro in Scotland (West, anyway) and LearnPro for our Learning Content Management System. Both are pretty decent in my humble opinion.

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We are using PDRPro and Learnpro in Lancs. I was part of the the project team for PDRPro as I had done a similar thematic plan training tool previously and this was used as a base for our training planner. 

I personally like the system and its interaction with Itrent and eventually Learnpro so all training will be cross mapped and reduce duplication and administration. Itrent should take care of the people moves automatically.

We have done a month theme at a time aimed at core skills with specialisms attached where appropriate, I again like the repetition within the month to help knowledge retention of equipment that probably isn't utilised very often but is safety critical.

It was the e-fire services conference a couple of weeks ago and I know we presented a couple of presentations to the group which were well received.


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