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Recruits Training Extras


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Ive noticed recently that alot of FF Recruit courses are incorporating extra training that probably wouldve been seen as a specialism 10-20 years ago. For example Lancs recruits undertaking line rescue and Cheshire all being swift water rescue ( on my own West Mids course we've received training in Falls Response but thats another matter )

So what extra parts on training do your services incorporate into a recruits course

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Humberside also do swift water rescue at basic training. Not sure what we will have if anything extra at West Yorkshire... 

I saw the pictures from Lancs line rescue training earlier, it looked a good set up I thought.

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We did line rescue and water first responder during our initial training course. Both externally certified as well by Rescue3, puts us on the national register as assets to be used for assistance during flooding. 

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In Manchester, you would do Water Rescue and are issued with a Wooly Bear as personal issue to go with the pooled stock of dry suits on station.

We also do Line Rescue and go vertical with all pumps carrying Line Rescue kit.

Both @Jamiejet and @FFNic have recently transferred to GMFRS and have completed these 2 elements as part of their inter brigade training.

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