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Large Animal Rescue Equipment


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Cashy, your large animal rescue- interested do you have any specialist lifting equipment, other than strops, do they carry rescue glides, down a cow harnesses etc, just asking as our AR crews have that stuff + the unimog with crane fitted, and shed loads of gear Inc dry suits ect.

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Shropshires rescue tender based here at Wellington has a hiab crane on the back specifically for animal rescues. We have glide pads for moving animals over rough ground and a medical harness with a quick release pulley for getting them back on their feet. We have various strops and lines for moving them around along with special tools for passing the harnesses around and under the animal. Theres also the inflatable pathways and drysuits for slurry work. All operational staff at Wellington are AR2 with an AR3 per watch. 

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Ayup Becile,

       We got our training from Anton & the Hampshire Team, so we've got most of the kit specified by them. Bearing in mind the AR stuff is carried on Water Rescue FRU's , we've by default got drysuits, PFD's and water rescue lids on hand (Plus the boat if its that soggy). In addition we've got quick release spreader beams (need to nick an onsite front lift tractor/teleporter/hiab) , lifting slings with spill straps, animal harnesses, extra strops & slings, slip paths and carry slings, limb crooks, strop guides and a variety of head collars, leads and reins, plus disinfectant. We were supposed to be getting pig boards as well, but we haven't seen them yet.

Hope that helps ;)

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I think nearly everyone's had the Hampshire experience, and why not, they know there stuff...incidently who's going on blues and twos? Ours is generally a non emergency response that can be upgraded based on info received.

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Relatively few tbh, I think LFB are in a similar place to Hampshire when they started, folks aren't aware and its more luck than owt that we get called. Blues response and as Jon sez, if its a northern hen do.....O.o

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No blues for us unless it's a life risk (ie rider trapped under horse) though there is an argument that horse owners are willing to take risks as they see the horse as a pet so should really treat that as a priority call as well. We used the pig boards during our animal handling course, useful kit in that situation. Same as the above comments, most of our training advice comes from Hampshire FRS. 

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