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Recovery of Bodies


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Does anybody know if we are legislatively obliged to recover bodies?  A question has arisen surrounding a recovery job as to who should foot the bill? Police or fire? (this was a SSC, not a fire).



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I'd have to refer to the act noddy. My understanding is it's police. 

We do it, joint working and all that, but it's a police duty. 

Sometines there are grey areas, for example when does a river rescue job become body recovery.... with that shift in duty from FRS to police being lead organisation....

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Police issue.... Person under train still clinically alive is our problem, Police problem if declared life extinct by medically competent person. 

body found 

This tube station is all of 150yds from my Station and we noticed lots of Police and Ambulances whilst on the way back from a shout. Looked on the system and saw we had received a call to 'body on track' that ConOffs did not mobilise to as it is not in our remit. 

As stated, there are times when we do take part, such as the murder and subsequent search of the River Brent in the case of Alice Gross. However, this will go via ILO's and various layers of management.

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