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Fire Safety Inspections


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Years ago, when I joined the Fire Service, the afternoons were taken up by getting dressed in your shirt sleeve order and off out visiting the local factories, shops, warehouses and the like to check that the Fire Certificate was in order. If it wasn't, we issued notices and called back several weeks later to see if they rectified stuff. 

This was a fantastic way of seeing what was on your station ground as well as giving you a good insight into the products, hazards and risks you had in your area too.

I personally feel like we lost our way on this and with the advent of home safety checks no longer visit in this way. 

How many other feel that we may have lost our way and that perhaps its time to go back. What are your past experiences of caring out proper fire safety inspections.

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My view is a bit controversial.  I don't think op fire crews should be HFRAs. I am not saying they should be dropped but I believe they should be done by dedicated teams of non operational staff

Ops crews should be engaged in operational readiness as a default position.  In addition to training, 7 (2)d work, building construction, hazmats, water supplies including  hydrants and exercises should be the norm

Operational staff would get to do CFS work in big or complex residential developments  as itd be part familiarsation. 

With fewer fires now, the sort of planning work that 7 (2)d's represent are perhaps even more vital

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I'd certainly bring back DP's!! ? I do agree entirely Carl we have lost our way and topography has died of death.  I used to pride myself on knowing all I could about the risks on my patch. 

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We do very few HFSC's now, there is a dept for that, we do do the odd safe and well, and they are good.

We do much more often visit risks (every shift), shops, factories, high rise etc. If its a risk, we go.....

Obviously not to check their fire certificate and its not an enforcement visit.

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