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Mandatory Volunteers ?🙄

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I know we keep away from politics here and with good reason. But a political announcement this weekend could have a direct effect on UKFRS budgets

The Tories intend introducing a modern form of mandatory national service.  The military aspect would be accessed via an assessment- therefore is voluntary 

The significant majority of 18 years will go down the 'mandatory voluntary' ( a worrying oxymoron) route to give 24 weekends service to agencies including the fire service 

With around 720,000 18 year old, that's gonna be a big ask

Let's say after exemptions and those entering the military, 500,000 people remain to be placed on volunteer scheme

Even if 5% choose the fire service (it's likely to be higher than that) that's 25,000 volunteers to be accommodated on weekends. How the hell can most UKFRS afford that?

It's all a bit ill thought out unless extra cash is coming too. Plus it will need the Tories staying in No 10 so that makes it even more unlikely to happen

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It's like the Tories are acting as if they're in opposition and coming out with even more ridiculous ideas than usual; knowing that they will not have to implement them...

As for how would UKFRS cope...I doubt anyone has even thought that far ahead. Listening to an MP this morning on the radio, he wasn't even sure how it would policed; he said that it would not lead to criminal convictions if you refused! 😕

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I know someone waiting for a recruit's course start date with the Army.  However, due to serious accomodation shortages at barracks, you cannot start a recruit's course until your post-course accommodation is confirmed.   

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Never going to happen,the money would be better spend on paying specials for the time they give and giving RDS a just reward for the commitment

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The plan also includes sending 18 years olds into  cyber security roles for 12 months

Taking into account it takes around 6 to 9 months to complete the type of security checking they would need, they wont have time to learn or do much with that 12 month placement 🤔

This policy must have been conceived at one of those No10 Friday afternoon parties - 🍾🍾🍾🍾

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The cynic in me says that the training element will be downgraded and you will end up with a lot of “volunteers” doing jobs that previously were done by paid staff, thereby giving Rishi some savings that he can use to produce tax cuts for his mates.  Effectively getting 18 year olds to work for nothing and fund abolishing inheritance tax or similar.

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On 11/06/2024 at 16:13, Jet said:

 Are you saying you've never been volun-told to do something? 😅

I have been married for almost 40 years so have plenty of experience of being 'voluntold' 🙂🙂

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