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Progression from FF - CM

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Hi all,

First post on the forum - so apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I've recently expressed an interest for promotion (FF - CM (RDS)) and I was wondering if anyone here has sat the Firefighter to Crew Manager CPG process. I'm under the impression that the CPG is the 'new' process that most brigades are now using?

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who would be kind enough to provide their experience, what to expect on the day, any pointers and advice.


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Never heard of it.  Clearly hasn’t reached my service yet, or perhaps it just goes by a different name here.  I wish I had a pound for every new process that someone somewhere tried to bring in with ‘most brigades are now using it’.  Sorry, not a lot of help to you.  Maybe if you tell me what CPG is, it may ring bells or maybe others will chip in with something more useful.

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I used VCA succesfully for all my promotions, so much so, they create the pages we have within our development sections complete with all the products they have to offer.

You will recoup the money spent hon you get your first CMs uplift ;)

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