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Modern Sprinkler

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Could a new sprinkler system be used in new builds and installed to old.

By using a directionally used spray from the sprinkler to put out a fire at the source before it spreads to other combustible material. Other than ruining all the customers property.

Using a thermal system and a directional sprinkler on the fire could save on residential and business damage to property and more importantly life's 

Just a fleeting thought that could be added to and modified to suit the type of fire and property.

Don't know if this is already or would be of any use  but if not nothing lost 

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There are automatic directional monitors available for such uses in large open areas such as waste transfer sites and atria with high fire loads

I looked at using one a while back in a small aircraft hanger containing up to 4 very expensive aircraft. 

A combination of installation costs and the lack of a British Standard (to ensure resilience and reliability ) scuppered the idea

TBH unless you have  a largely empty space such as a waste transfer building , you may need multiple monitors and the cost of a system is likely to be prohibitive



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