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Casualty Care Training & Qualifications

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Hello folks,

I am currently a Crew Commander in the Training Delivery Team with the Scottish FRS.

As part of our continuous improvement, we are looking to speak to other Fire & Rescue Services about their Casualty Care Training and qualifications. 

  • What training/qualifications do your Firefighter to Watch Commanders hold?
  • What is the pathway to becoming an Instructor?
  • Do you run any type of Casualty Care course for Station Commanders and above?

I am also looking to find out what you carry in your trauma pack.

If anyone is willing to exchange messages, email or a short Teams call, it would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

Ben Soffe

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Ben. I will PM you an email address for our Trauma Trainer. We do extensive Trauma training and quals.

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Hi Ben,

I'm not in any trauma training role however can give you info on the above from WMFS.

All FF to WM are FREC 3 trained.

We have station based assesors and the trauma training team that are FREC 4 qualified.

Our trauma packs carry:

  • O2 with Hugh Flow masks, BVM and attachments/versions for adults and children
  • Airways (OP and NP)
  • Trauma pouch (4 Tourniquets, Israeli bandage, celox, other bandages etc)
  • Trauma assistance pouch (straps, splints, 10 seconds triage pack)
  • Pulse ox
  • Thermal pouch (face burn mask, cling film, foil blankets, storm blankets etc)
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Thanks Carl, I really appreciate that. I am aware of your Trauma Tech work and was hoping to find out more. 

Rory-495, thanks for your reply.

I assume that your FREC 4 trained personnel deliver the FREC 3 training and assessments? Are your FREC 4 personnel trained by an external agency?

Thanks too for the information on your trauma pack contents, very helpful.



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Yeah FREC 4 Train the rest. I believe trained within the service but not 100% sure. Will find out tomorrow 

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