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Crapita IRMPs (cuts) on MoD Sites

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The recent Channel Tunnel thread reminded me of the privatisation of DFRMO (or at least the operational site of it). In 2019, Capita - aka Crapita - took over the 50+ fire stations, and their crews. DFRMO still exists as part of the MoD and is the fire safety enforcement dept of the MoD

As I have posted here before, I was really surprised to discover that Crapita were allowed to perform their own IRMPs (a process for assessing what resources are required at each site). There is a clear conflict of interest here as  every pump, member of staff or hours of cover lost equities to a profit increase for Crapita. Dodgy at best

I was involved in negotiations to prevent changes at one military base where Crapita were considering changing the 24/7 crewing to just flying hours. It was clear that the Crapita IRMP assessors were not aware of some hugely significant (& secret) MoD pieces of infrastructure at this site.

I was responsible for Fire Safety in one of the significant areas on this base and was invited by the base Fire Officer to help him in a desperate appeal to maintain 24/7 cover. I am not in a position to discuss the details of the infrastructure, but trust me  its loss or part loss would have serious and significant ramifications for UK defence. To make things even trickier, the Crapita team responsible for the IRMP assessment weren't security cleared to the right level for us to talk openly about the risks!!!!

But it didnt matter as frankly they had made their minds up days before and arrived in a bullish mood as if we were wasting heir time. Neither the Base Fire Officer, 2 x Senior local authority fire officers or I could get anywhere near persuading them and their cuts went through.... with no appeal mechanism or process for us to follow up with

Its a bloody disgrace that a private for profit company can decide on levels of fire cover. I read that the Naval Bases at Faslane (where nuclear submarines are serviced) and nearby Coulport (where nuclear missiles are stored in a mountain) also suffered cuts in fire arrangements..... as Crapita enjoyed raised profits 

DFRMO - the MoD enforcer wing - have complained and said at a very high level that they are best placed as a competent representative of the customer to carry out IRMPs - but they've been ignored by the Secretary of State

So my question (at last)..... does anyone know of any Craptia IRMPs at MoD bases that led to an increase of fire cover in terms of personnel, appliances or operational hours? 

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