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I have just been offered a conditional position with NYFRS.

Unfortunately it turns out that they are only recruiting for their 'day crewed' stations where you are required to be on call through the nights between your 4 days. 

I don't currently live in any of the locations of these day crew stations and moving isn't an option. 

Just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar position? How did you manage for accommodation? How soon can you put in for a transfer? How long did it take for you to be transferred?

Also, if you had a young family, how did you manage being away 50% of the time?

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi mate, I work day crewed with a different service, but happy to try and answer any questions about the system in general, PM me if you want.

One thing to bare in mind if you’re not in the station areas: North Yorks are (or at least were) apparently very strict on nobody being on station at night, so camping out at station for your 4 nights may not be an option.

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A friend of mine was Day Crewed in Malton some years ago. He was lucky in that he managed to buy a house in the cul de sac next to the station and then rented out one of the rooms to another day crewed bod who wasn't local as well. If I remember rightly he was paid £200 a month housing allowance and transfers onto the shift were really hard to get ( i think they only have 3 or 4 shift stations )

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Congratulations on your offer for NYFRS.

Just curious; didn't they state what shifts you could possibly be working when applying in the information pack? 

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