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What is a FOD?


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Does anyone know what 'FOD' is in relation to a job description?

I am 99% sure it's not a fire service role, but one in industry used to describe somebody responsible for fire safety 

The acronym was used in a report relating to a premises in  Scotland 

Up there they replace 'responsible person' (used in England and Wales) with 'Dutyholder'

So a stab in the dark, I wonder if this role  is 'Fire Officer Dutyholder' (FOD)????????

Any ideas? Especially from those north of the borders?

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18 hours ago, LFB92 said:

The premises wasn’t a airport was it?

No sadly not as that is the only FOD I know

A fire safety job I had involved regularly crossing a runway and taxiways at an airport where management were anal about FOD (and rightly so) to visit a building I looked after. The rules were strict, you had to stop and carry out a FOD check of your vehicle before crossing the runway. Unbeknown to me, they installed CCTV to check everyone played by the rules since my last visit and I was spotted not checking underneath my vehicle properly during a storm and given a stern rollocking and a written warning of dismissal 🙄

So I will never forget that definition of FOD

( Foreign object debris)

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stop check, move the vehicle a bit to ensure 360 degree coverage of tyre area,now thats being anal, tbh bird strikes seemed to be a bigger issue.

there is a tale of a RAF jet  having a bird stike and the det cord (the stuff that blows the canopy apart) wrapping around the pilots neck,somehow he landed the aircraft half blinded.

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