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Dawn Covacie

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Hi Everyone

I have just started with Hampshire Fire and Rescue as an ICT trainer. It is a very new role with very much a blank canvas. I will be covering Gartan/ CFRMIS/ Microsoft 365 initially. 

I just wondered if there was anyone on here in a similar role or was involved in this development of the delivery that would like to reach out and share ideas, such as covering these on induction and ongoing development. 



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I am an IT Engineer in Healthcare, have been involved in training over the years and still do bits.

We give a very brief overview on inductions but I must admit this is overload on everything else they are given on that start point.  Key points make sure they know their login details, how to get support, where to find any help i.e. online help KB's and what key systems they will need for what and then their local manager to explain a bit more with a view to further training sessions on them.

You need to cater for everyone and their learning styles, we have some online learning but some times individual docments with step by step instructions for tasks maybe simpler in certain environments.  i.e. how to request leave where to go, where to save files, how to accses shared files, what to do about remote working from home.

Not enough time is devoted and this can come back and bite orginisations at a later date with some systems.

Have you spoken to departments and found where the short falls are in the training that are more specific?  Each area are going to have different needs depending what they use. I'm happy to discuss other than the individual content will be differnet based on versions that you are using.

All I will say is for example in retained stations, they want things to be simple and work then and there as they are limited on their time on station when they have other things to do as apposed to learning how to use systems hence the quick flash knowledge cards as such.

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Hi Matt

Thankyou for this, your response really resonates with me. As we are aware of the overload on new starters and are finding it difficult to infiltrate the Induction, even just to give an overview of what to expect. With regards to learning styles yes that is massive for me and 2 of us have been onboarded form a learning and development background rather than IT and we can see already see where we can massively improve on this. Definitely on station, some quick wins and step by step ref guides. Mousemats.

Totally agree not enough time spent on this and if we can change that mindset from induction and even assess digital literacy form the onboarding stage , it would massively help.

We are in the process of going out to stations meeting on call/Whole time. Infiltrating lots of meetings 😄 we are really beginning to build a big picture. Particularly training for different competencies and preparing for promotion. As well as induction. 

we are definitely going to approach all resources and training from a Dawn Speak rather than a teach speak. All they want to do is help people and save lives. all this is such a hinderance, but tech isn't going anywhere only upward and onwards. 

Be great to speak to you moving forward Matt.

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Assessment of skills will help build a individual plan rather than everything, taking on their needs i.e. dyslexic, any screenreaders etc make all that available if you are expecting them to carry out IT function.

I would look to develop knowledge cards, if someone wants to do a function they want a page on how to do it, dont include it in a big document they need to look through, put it in on place and make it searchable.  

Getting involved in meetings is a great way, pop down to drill nights, hold drop in sessions at key stations but open up to all, make it accessible for everyone rather than just between a small time frame.  Find out what what is needed on the ground it really does work better.

There will never be one way that fits everyone, everything is so diverse now which does make the workload more but you need to cater for everyone.

Small things if a user has to do something multiple times can it be automated one way, email signatures is a big one we had at one point, it can be setup automatically and kept inline with corporate style for example and then when ever anyone logs into a new computer they dont have to set it up, look through the common trends of calls that come into the desk work out a TNA from there.

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Hi Dawn

I am involved in IT for ECFRS.  I am on leave at the moment but when I am back in the office next week, I will speak with my colleague in the digital skills role and check he is happy for me to pass on contact details.  I am sure he will be willing to share ideas.

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Hi Matt

Yes we are definitely looking at accessibility and definitely making easy step resources. we are in the process of going to drill nights , development school  etc  to talk to our staff on the ground, not sending them questionnaires or setting up focus groups as there is far too much of this been done, they seem to be really appreciating this approach so far. 

Yes we are having issues around SharePoint and One Drive to find resources, so we are definitely going to tackle. 

Also as you say we are looking at tickets going in to IT to look at certain trends.  

It is very reassuring reading your posts as it gives me confidence that we are on the right track.

Thanks so much T and A that would be great 


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