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FBU Firestorm Report (Scottish Fire & Rescue)


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I agree with all except the Control pay vs firefighter pay. I did both jobs for 10 years each and there really is no comparison between them. 

A Control operator does not experience anything like a firefighter and the training is completely different! so I can't agree with the same pay.

Everything else is spot on.


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Difference between SFRS and the r/uk is that this may prompt a change in policy approach with us doing more EMS work in exchange for wages and funding from the Scottish government as their is generally more appetite for public investment north of the wall.


the chief officer laid that case out to the government at the select committee two options… further cuts which in his own words would compromise public safety or modest investment for pay and expanded duties and maintenance of fire cover.

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Out of interest what is the extent of EMS/ambulance co-working in Scotland atm? Do you guys do much gain entry/assist to lift stuff even if not full co-responding?

I recall there's was a overall pay rise offer a couple of years ago that hinged on extra EMS duties that was rejected, was that the case? (Memory is hazy)

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We do significant amounts of making entry to casualties behind doors, but we are mobilised on the predication of our role being purely to open (generally smash) locked doors.

We do not do lifting unless casualty is bariatric and ambulance requires assistance.

We were offered 17% a few years ago that was rejected primarily because of the inclusion of slips trips and falls.

In the document that’s been mentioned above it has become apparent that the FBU and SFRS have came to some degree of agreement about us responding to what sounds like purple/red? ambulance calls and MTFA.  And that if funding was guaranteed behind it then the union would recommend the offer.

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I would have been all for the co responding for cardiac calls and actually do that via the Goodsam app already. My main issue with it was that i asked a simple question. " on average over the last 5 years, how many additional calls would we have been turned out to and how long on average would that call take?" no one could tell me for any of our stations. So I can't make a decision on what what i'm committing to(got to balance with my main employment). and was then concerned the service didn't even know what it was committing to. Add on the additional training requirements, when we can't cover our existing. It was a no from me. 

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