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Luton Airport Car Park Fire


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Thoughts are with the Fire Fighter and hoping he / she is not too seriously injured.

One report said that the fire was was on the upper floor and that he saw it attended by a couple of appliances. 1) I'm not sure you could get an appliance up to the upper floor? and 2) Hope the appliances were pulled back before the collapse. 

Social media  is awash with people blaming EV's I guess we will find out in due course. Cannot imagine coming home from holiday in the early hours of the morning with a couple of tired hungry kids in tow to find your car in that lot.

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Merseyside had an almost identical fire 5 years ago. It's was not an EV that caused it but poor car park design

Car park design standards are well out of date to cope with modern cars and the huge heat output they produce

The BBC say this is a new car park. It's a bit worrying 🤔

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Bedfordshire have confirmed it was a diesel Range Rover involved not an EV.  There are various videos on Twitter/X circulating, shows part of the roof above the fire giving way.

4 FF's taken to hospital as well as an airport staff member, not sure how they have ended up there not seen anything about the cause in the press, hopefully everyone is ok and its only minor.

When I saw it kicking off last night straight away thought about the Echo Arena one.

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Not so sound like sh1talking but given that this is a high category airport with it's own fire service I can't quite figure out why this wasn't git a hold of sooner. I saw an alleged video of the offending car that started it but that is one heck of bad stop. Was the car park actually within the airport perimeter ? Any dry risers? Do Luton AFFRS have a domestic appliance for jobs like this or are they solely airside? 

Must have been lots of confounding factors for it to have gone this bad.

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I saw film of an Airport Crash Rescue Fire Rescue Tender being used, not sure it appeared to be outside though, so maybe protecting assets (is that a thing?)

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4 hours ago, Trevatanus said:

I saw film of an Airport Crash Rescue Fire Rescue Tender being used, not sure it appeared to be outside though, so maybe protecting assets (is that a thing?)

Are you suggesting they should have mounted an offensive attack inside the bolted together steel car park (that collapsed later) with a 30 tonne crash tender? 🤪

I know things have changed since I have retired, but........

Before any of you armchair critics get carried away criticising Beds FRS or Luton AFS, have a look at the video I posted early about the Liverpool fire. 

Fires in car parks are not as benign and easy as you may think 

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Not suggesting anything of the sort, and certainly not being critical, merely asking the question. I realise you couldn’t get a crash tender into the car park ( I also had doubts about the original report I was quoting stating about appliances being on the top floor).

i have nothing but respect for what you guys and girls do, and would never call into question any tactics used.

I think that this may have been the video I saw which happened back in the summer 

Tiktok Video

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