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Kings Coronation Medal


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On 13/09/2023 at 08:56, Messyshaw said:

What a waste of money 

not really think of money someones making on ribbons and metal bar ribbons, our green watch come in looking like L/Cpl Jones from dads army/north korean generals

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I do find it odd the idea of a coronation medal.

Depending on how long Charlres has on the throne, by the time I leave the job I'll have a jubilee, 2 coronations (when wills gets on the throne), potentially another jubilee if Charles lasts and my Long service - all for simply turning up!

Wheras I know of soldiers I served with who only have one tour medal for 6 months of war fighting and that's it through lack of length of service. Do certainly start to feel a bit strange and north korean general esque

I feel we should give medals for more merit than time in (other than long service medal). Some in the forces deploye several times a year and receive nothing to show for it until recently. I do feel maybe our crews who deploy with ISAR for example should get more recognition

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12 hours ago, Rory-495 said:

 I do feel maybe our crews who deploy with ISAR for example should get more recognition

Reading through the publications on it, UK ISAR definitely fall within the eligibility criteria for the new Humanitarian Medal. It would be nice to see them recognised for their two major deployments this year and they would certainly set the bar as the first recipients of the new gong.

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