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IFE Level 4 - Science Paper

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If I want to go any further in this job, then I am going have to take my Level 4 Certificate in Science (Members in old money)

Has anyone passed this and able to provide me with any pointers, references to any resources etc. I find this side of the job difficult and struggled when I completed my Grads back in 2011. Im sure over time many others will be taking it, so thought I would beg for help here. 

In fact I am considering paying someone to teach me this, thats how bad I am. 

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I passed this one Carl and got my best mark across the 4 subjects as it's the one that I really had to study for. The thing about the science paper is that the answers are either right or wrong and not open to the way the marker interprets your answer. You do get points for showing the workings out so write everything down!

I looked through the past papers for the previous years and wrote down the topics. From that I could see what came up every year (Bernoulli) and what was in most years. That way I targeted my revision to the topics that were more likely to come up.

I struggled with the subject to be honest as it is so far away from the GSCE maths I passed in 1988!, but I found a lot of help on Youtube and particularly www.frconline.co.uk where there are some excellent tutorial videos under the FRC Academy heading. They go through Bernouilli, Gas Laws, Hydraulics and so on and are explained in basic terms.

I passed the final of the 4 papers at Level 4 this year after starting at Level 2 in 2010, and it is a nice feeling to finally get to the end!!

Good luck.

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Thanks for the links to the site @GameOn, much appreciated. I had a quick look and looks like I am going have to sit down and concentrate on taking it all in. Not sure I am going to be posting a pass this time next year, but I am going have to give it a go. 

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As you know Carl I passed a few years ago and I ditched the text books in favour of YouTube and I forked a few quid for a tutor.  I'd recommend it mate 

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Ive just looked at the past 3 years of papers, well over my head I am afraid. Im more of a hands on than I am at doing all those calculations that I will never every use as long as I live.

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Don't think you can expect to ace the past papers without at least looking at the books for a while.  You have more smarts than you give yourself credit for - after all you built this from nothing.

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Totally agree Mark, you can't wing this one, certainly have to put the work in. Trouble is I getting too old for all this. Its well over 30 years since I left school. I should be winding down. :)

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Looks like I may have to put in for the Science Paper this time. Do I really want 5 months of studying instead of enjoying myself. Perhaps I have answered my own question :S

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My new boss is our “Mr IFE” so it looks like I will be getting the push (and support) I need to get my head back in the books and take the Level 3 Diploma.  Funny enough, the Fire Science doesn’t worry me too much as I like that kind of stuff, but the Fire Safety on the other hand....

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On 22/07/2017 at 01:44, Carl said:

If I want to go any further in this job, then I am going have to take my Level 4 Certificate in Science (Members in old money)

GMFRS have just this month dropped the requirement for the Level 4 - Science. You now only need your Ops Paper. As I have both Ops and Fire Safety, I have gone from not being eligible for a SM post to being over qualified. You couldn't write this. xD

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