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Do any services still have housing for staff? Not those at Day Crewed stations, more former firefighter housing as part of the estate and is kind of up for grabs. I know on google maps stations such as the old Fullwood, Gipton and East Hull stations have got houses in the yard or on the property. And of course it seems LFB have a good few houses, Woodside for example. What does your service do with them

My station has flats and houses in our yard. Although the flats have been sold and renovated, some of the houses still have tenants in them, we’ve got to know the amazon driver well. A few West Mids stations are like this, or old housing is given up for local partnership offices

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Only one I know in Greater Manc is Withinghton.

It was built at a time when firefighters lived on site and has a few flats in the complex.  Used mainly by FDS officers who live out of county and need a base from which to respond and I think one FF rents one out due to his circumstances.

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