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HVP Question


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Sorry, non job here asking what is probably a silly question (or do they exist?)

Saw what I think, was an HPV on the M25 on Sunday afternoon, with a normal appliance ( or appeared to be) travelling with it.

Question is, are they a "package" or was it just co-incidence, although it's obviously possible they were travelling to the same incident.

Apologies for the Dyslexia, I obviously meant HVP

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HVP like a majority of specials will go with a support pump, to crew the special on arrival at incident. The vast majority of specials won't be primary crewed, meaning that the crew trained to operate a special on their station be riding a standard pumping appliance. Should the special be mobilized, both appliances will go to the incident. A neighbouring station will also have a crew trained on the special, to either go as extra backup or to take the special should the first support pump be out at a different incident.

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No such thing as a daft question. 

Navigator has answered the question but simply put, the HVP requires a minimum of five trained HVP Operators to provide a safe system of work to deploy and use the kit. The prime mover that carries the HVP can only travel with two, so the remainder will travel in a conventional fire appliance. :)

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I am at a HVP station and it is correct that in most cases the HVP is mobilised with a whole crew (5 including an Officer).  A whole crew is needed when a full deployment of the HVP is anticipated.

However, there have been occasions when an incident only requires extra HVP hose therefore the whole crew isn’t needed, so the driver and (ideally) a banksperson ONLY needs to drop off the sled that carries the extra hose.  I’ve been a driver on plenty of these occasions.  The issue with this is that 2 Ff’s have been sent to an incident with the HVP meaning that the pump ladder crew back at the station are now under resourced meaning that the station is now off the run.

When I say “the driver and (ideally) a banksperson” it’s because more than once I’ve had to insist that a banksperson accompanies me to the incident.  The turning circle and overall driver view (reversing etc) isn’t great, therefore a banks is essential should you run into trouble.

So, if you ever see a lone HVP on the lights it’ll probably be because the incident only requires extra hose etc, otherwise as has been said it’ll be accompanied by a pump ladder.

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On 22/08/2023 at 11:55, Navigator said:

HVP like a majority of specials will go with a support pump, to crew the special on arrival at incident. 

Theres your first concern, the HVP station(s) in West Mids have their own welfare van to travel in. This is to prevent the pump going along and being stripped of equipment at a big job ( the ICU crew do the same with their station van )

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On 26/10/2023 at 15:20, Messyshaw said:

Are there many PDAs that include a HVP

Something I have been working on in Manchester. I hit resistance all the time. Problem is, they are alternatively crewed and both our sit at TL stations and we know what happens when you get jobs with TLs, you usually need a lot of water. 

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Carl, would there be resistance to moving one of those specials? Seems having all their eggs in one basket could be a problem. Our HVP was crewed solely by one station with another trained to babysit it at jobs ( not set up or dismantle it ) Because of major jobs hoovering up resources, there are plans in the works to share the operating and housing if the kit with another station

In my old service we relied alot on mutal aid for HVP as big jobs would utilise all of our WT trucks and more often than not there wouldnt be enough RDS to crew the HVP whilst it sat at one station

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Any HVPs and any moments would have to go through the NR change process. If we move them we have big issues with training staff. Bolton Central is a 2 pump special station. Getting another station trained up as HVP Operators and Prime Mover Drivers in Manchester is not an easy fix at all. 

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Was thinking more for aerials. One suggestion that might be easier is a satellite crew who could be trained to bring them to a job. All it may require is EFAD drivers being upskilled.

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