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Unconditional Offer Cheshire Fire & Rescue


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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum. I have been lurking in the shadows here since Christmas 2022 when I first requested info on how to become a wholetime firefighter from Cheshire fire service. Last week I got the unconditional offer and start training 4th September.

I can't explain how big this is for me, it's a second career as I'm mid 30s now, and this is going to change my life completely! 

Great advice that helped me was;

- be confident and polite at the practical tests. What you don't say/how you conduct yourself is often as important as what you do say.

- ask any firefighters you know for advice. They are so helpful and want you to be successful.

- back yourself that you will get through. I started prepping for the interview early on in the process, even though I wasn't sure I'd get an interview, just to be more prepared. I also sent my interview notes to a few good friends for honest feedback and editing, then voice recorded them and listened to my notes in the car, on runs, whilst cooking tea etc.


Left to my own devices I probably would have worried at the practical tests, not asked anyone for help, and waited until I had an interview date before starting preparing for it. 

So thanks again to the forum, very good advice. 

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