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Electric Vehicle Incidents


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Whilst we have a topic on the policies of EV's, I am interested to see peoples experiences of them out on incidents.

We have had several incidents involving EV's which now appear to the new Acetylene Cylinder type of incidents in terms of how long it took to deal with them.  

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Hybrid car last night, fortunately LI pack was in the boot and not involved. 

However last September we had the full XVR scenario: Tesla Model S, full thermal runaway, next to a house down a country lane, no hydrants. 

Knocked it down before it caught any more of the house. Tirfored it away from building and jacked it up with spreaders, fan spray underneath, and a big early make up meant we had a water shuttle going fairly pronto. We were there for about 7 hours in total (though it had cooled earlier than this, associated tasks like PPVing the house and putting out polybooms to divert the considerable water run off from going in the front door took time).

Recovery company wanted specific time/temperature readings before they would take it away which itself needed a check by the neighboring service when it got to the depot. 

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Tell my driver “dont you dare get us there first”

I know of one incident where a crew were called to a Lithium Ion battery on fire in a suburban street. The battey which weighed about 123kg had been jettisoned/fallen off the bottom of the electric van … which was nowhere to be found. I think the watching breif was two and a half days before a company could come and recover it ( like OT they would only come out once it was at a certain temperature )

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