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International Deployment


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Afternoon all, 

was having a discussion around the table yesterday about whether if we were asked to go to Greece to help would we. It opened up a discussion regarding the logistics and pay etc which none of us had the answers too. 

So if anyone has been on an international deployment with their service or has any info it would helpful for my own curiosity if nothing else.

Do you just get paid your Normal salary? Is it done on a volunteer basis?  


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And this was one of the subjects I was enquiring about when I joined this forum. The "European Fire Service Committee"  or same such name was wanting to harmonise training to allow this sort of thing. It wasn't an EU official committee, but an 'industry' committee.

This was the sort of thing they had in  mind.

I have no idea what happened after that, but I do know that the EU Commission did start to collect statistics on different types of fire and equipment.

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