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Cheshires RRRVs

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Just seen pictures of these on the Delta 64 site, seems Cheshire has gone big with equipping nearly all of the RDS stations with one. The site says they are Rapid Response Rescue Units. Is that another fancy term for Small Fires Unit or do they have a specific role to play?

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I'm not sure they are carrying anything, think it might just be a L4V in old terms, dont think they have any pumping capacity but I will ask the question ofsomeone in the know over there.

Funny enough this has just popped up on Twitter, it shows a picture of the rear of one, certinally no pump just equipment.

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Description from their website "

Rapid Response Rescue Units

On-call fire stations have all now been issued with 2.4l Toyota Hilux Rapid Response Rescue Unit. Allowing crews to get to the scene of an RTC quicker. The vehicles are fitted with a variety of special tools and equipment for the first intervention at road traffic collisions. Supported by the structural appliance the vehicles are the first on scene and allow additional firefighters to attend incidents in support of their colleagues.

PS. Cheshire now describe pumping appliances as "Structural Appliances" ,   not sure what they send to none structural incidents.

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My mate has just got back to me, they carry small tools, a light pump, cutting equipment and bits to go with it so basically for making vehicles safe more than anything or gain entry jobs.

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On 12/07/2023 at 11:09, OscarTango said:

Is the "replacement of" or "in addition to" a conventional appliance?

The RRRV is an additional appliance.    Reading their purpose,  I am not sure why RTAs require a quicker attendance time and the attendance of additional personnel when house fires etc don't.

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They brought similar in as SIU's in GMFRS at one point, probably a bit over ten years ago now. Circa 2011-ish. I think ours had a reel in the back for car fires, and RTC cutting gear amongst some other bits and pieces. They were crewed by a CM and a FF so had a bit more scope for use. Might have even had a ba set but I can't remember now.

Lasted about 6 months iirc, then they got scrapped and disappeared. Total gimmick. Never turned out on one the whole time we had them.

I can see a potential use for these at RDS stations if they can't put up the numbers to crew a pump on occasion, as they could then crew this with 2 but aside from that it's difficult to see a real use or demand for them in their current form.

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These were coming in just as I transferred out of Cheshire but the reasoning we were given was along the lines of rapid response to things like RTCs and other incidents where maybe the first 2 people turning in to the station would jump on this and go out without the truck. As well as being able take additional personnel to incidents.

The more sceptical amongst you may say it's a way of saying station X has 1 firefighter on call which is all that's required for the RRRV, therefore station X is classed as available and looks good on the stats. 

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My concern is that once the first two responders have wandered off into the night, you may not get a full crew for the structural appliance.   Then the next nearest station is alerted, first two in man the  RRRV ....... rinse and repeat .

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