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Cheshire Wholetime Conditional Offer - References


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I've just had a conditional offer to start with Cheshire FRS in April.  It feel very surreal at the moment after trying to get in for so long and April seems such a long way off! 

My question is, in regard to previous employment references. Do you have to provide references from your current employer or could it be the one before? I have just started a new job, which I will obviously have to continue until I have passed my medical, dbs checks etc. and I don't think they are going to be very impressed with me resigning so soon after getting the job, particularly as there has been a fair amount of investment in recruitment and training. 

I was with my previous employer for 16+ years and never had any issue with performance etc.  Does anyone have any idea what is the norm in this kind of situation?  Thanks 

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Firstly, congratulations @Cezmac!

Your best bet here is to give HR/recruitment a call and explain the circumstances to them. I’m sure they’ll understand and you may find they’d prefer a reference from your previous employer that’s known you for so long, rather than one that you’ve just started with.

When I got my offer, I was working in the family business, so HR got one of my references from a previous job to ensure impartiality.

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Thank you. Yeah, I will give them a call.

Honestly I'm just waiting for someone to pull the rug from under me and tell me they made a mistake and I haven't got the job after all 😂  

Want to cross the Ts and dot the I's and pray nothing goes wrong between now and April 🙏

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I have completed my pre-employment checks and have now received my contract for a September start at Cheshire. Can’t wait!

They asked for two references covering the last three years of employment. The email requested that if you’d been with your current employer for >3 years, a referee from a previous employment would be provided. 

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