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Change of Law Means More In Depth Vetting for FFs


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I note that a change of law now means a fire service employer can make more in depth checks on their staff in terms of criminal and other activity

At a time when FRS are engaging more often than they ever have before, and taking into account the extraordinary powers of entry firefighters have, I cannot believe more detailed checks havent been made before.

I honestly thing regular vetting - including drugs tests - should be mandatory for all FRS that are likely to regularly come into contact with the public and fire service employers are still lacking to protect the public in this respect 

NFCC - Rehabilitation of Offenders

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I know some Brigades have carried out DBS checks on all staff where as others haven't and only done those who work with at risk people in the past.  I know one Brigade did it a few years ago and there was an amnesty if staff declared anything they may have not been aware of but anything new would be an issue.

I was surprised it wasn't a requirement for all roles, thing is you never know what situation you are going to be in and who you are going to come across so it's a good thing to protect all.  I had to have one working in a school as a visiting engineer ortherwise I had to be accompanied everywhere and some other random places I used to visit but yet I don't have to have one in my current job in the NHS!

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The vetting of UKFSR staff should go beyond a DBS safeguarding check as this is more to ensure integrity and honesty 

The powers of entry are so wide for ops crews, it seems obvious to me

Operational staff are even more likely now to be in pairs or alone with vulnerable persons so safeguarding is an issue

This is a good start by of course, when you dig deeper you need a bigger HR team and for that you need extra ££££s. So I doubt there is any appetite for more enhanced vetting by the employers 

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Oh its a massive undertaking doing DBS as it needs all documents to been seen in person or verified by someone which is an overhead itsself, I suppose thats why those more likely to be in involved with said persons get that extra check rather than everyone.  

They way forward is do people as they join then work the way through the Brigade in some sort of order, its just what they do if some have previous convictions that maybe were not declared, could cause some issues but then there could be other issues depending the way you look at it.

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