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Electric Vehicle Policy


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We are introducing a policy and equipment to deal with Ev Fires and I'm wondering if anybody has a Service policy / sops they might be willing to share with me.

Thanks in advance

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We have been confronted to some EV fires here. The main issue is the battery pack. Most of them are based on Lithium-Ion technology, and you can use water and / or foam.

But some are using Lithium Metal Polymer batteries. Water, and other extinguishing agents, will increase, badly,  the fire. It is recommended to let them burn.

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In regards to the blanket, would this be used on cars in the open that could be allowed to burn out under control? or would they be limited to those where some surrounding risk is present. I assume they are a one use piece of kit that will have a tidy cost associated with them.

I was working on a project in the last couple of years to devise a policy for EVs to be parked under a very significant building. The fear was that defensive tactics would result in serious damage to the building and disruption to its critical business activities. We devised a strategy that involved winder parking spaces in EV charging bays, the bays would be away from other combustibles, plus charger isolator switches across the three levels of parking. The rational was the sprinklers would limit fire spread as the fire burnt out.

Given those circumstances - that is an EV alight in a sub surface car park - perhaps two levels down - limited visibility and space - plus sprinklers raining down, would any DRA allow the blanket to be positioned and if so, how may FFs in the crew????

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