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Electric Vehicle Blanket


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We’ve had blankets for cars for a while. They have their place but they are there to protect whats either side of it tbh.

In terms of EV/thermal runaway? Good luck with a blanket, it really won’t disrupt thermal runaway; few things will really, not submerging in a container, nothing.

Maybe micro boring into the effected cells with a UHPL with a car on its side will disrupt it but it’s early days.


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I like the idea. Some impracticalities mean I don't think it's a great solution in all. 

As @Percy describes it won't stop thermal runaway. Most EVs currently are the "standard" lithium ion chemistry with a lithium cobalt oxide cathode. This gives the battery pack it's own oxidizer, leaving us little tactical options besides cooling (and loads of....). 

On another note, like all car fires, the combustion products are toxic AF. If this sheet is meant as a first strike, containment type of tactic, are we really expecting people like car park attendants, petrol station workers, members of the public etc. to use this thing until we get there to sort it out, like a life-buoy at a public pond? I don't think that's safe or reasonable to expect.

I like the thinking though. As the industry grows we'll see less Li and more Lithium Iron Phosphate and Sodium Ion chemistries which, although they can still experience thermal runaway, hopefully won't have quite as awful fire characteristics as the present crop (which still catch fire less than conventional cars, but require vastly more resources when they do). 

Along with climate change, EVs and battery fires are one of the biggest challenges the modern FRS faces in my opinion, so I'm not going to scorn any new solution to the problem. 


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New Govt guidance 

I am delighted that all of the measures I put in place for my employer 5 years ago (when there was no guidance) are included here. This includes a link to the fire detection and/or sprinkler system to isolate chargers if the AFD is actuated. Plus vehicle spacing increases and fire resisting construction as fire breaks in long lines of vehicles and to separate storage facilities in car parks. I even included barriers to protect EV chargers.

EV Blankets are included in the guidance but with an acknowledgement that they are new unproven technology. Interestingly though, the guidance talks of them being effective on small fires that do not originate in the batteries  .    

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These blankets have their place, there is a lot of misunderstanding about them due to the media and sudden rise in manufacturers trying to develop equipment to help deal with EV fires, but that's not a bad thing as we currently don't have anything, and what there is is still in development.

The idea of the blanket for EV's is to buy time, reduce rapid fire spread to surrounding objects and give FF's time to prepare for the fire attack.

They won't put the fire out as already stated, they just provide time to set up or move other vehicles away from the vehicle in question. There will be a greater build up of gasses once the blanket is removed, so BA should be used for all occasions. Extinguish or leave to burn out.

There are a few different variation o the market so make sure you research them before purchase, some offer multi use and some are one use only, they also have different temperature ratings, so you'll need to make sure you get one that is suitably rated for the incident your going to use it on.

Hope that's helps


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We have just a bought a couple primarily for multi-storey car park car fires to prevent spread and give us more time to set in risers etc, but ours must weigh at least 25kg so not sure how quick theyll be to lug up a staircase. 

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