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Temporary Stations


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My service is looking at a potential refurb/rebuild of our current station. If it goes ahead, it’s likely that we’ll need to be out the building while at least some of the work is done. 
We’ve already scoped out the local Ambo and lifeboat stations as temporary locations but both were non-starters. 

Anyone ever had/heard of anything similar before and what working arrangements were put in place to maintain fire cover?

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Temporary stations have been used a few times recently here, my brigade tends to rent some land or storage units in the area and converts them to temporary fire stations using iso contains etc and the like to make a fire station. Hard to describe but a bit like what building sites use for their offices.

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Pretty certain LFB are looking at this for the refurbishment of Lambeth (if it ever goes ahead) the idea was to put on pump at Chelsea and 1 at another station. Then again they have the luxury of being relatively close to neighbouring stations 

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A common theme is old industrial units ala Harold Hill in LFB. Large space to fit portakabins in and secure for an appliance to park in. When Malvern was built the station was temporarily moved into the warehouse next to workshops and portakabins placed onto a newly built carpark outside

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@StandPipe yeah, we’ve been thinking along similar lines to that, putting some kind of portakabin arrangement in place on our current site. Realistically we can’t move too far without disrupting the turnout time at night

@Rory-495 unfortunately not a luxury we share mate, our nearest neighbouring station is 10 miles away in a different service, though as far as we know, nothing is off the table.

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Yeah not a great choice. One way is phased refurb. Heston Fire Station had bits done at a time. Was a nightmare for them I think but meant the station was still avaialble and not living in cabins

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Lambeth is a bit more than a refurb though isn't it?

I saw some plans that the new station would be squeezed into the gap between the existing building and the International Maritime Organisation next door and turn out onto Albert Embankment thru were the wooden gates are

If that is still the case, surely the new H22 could be built in that gap first and a move completed within hours?

Or have the plans changed?

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These options for a 'temporary' Fire Station are a quick and quite easy fix - I was the Station Commander at Banstead but here the Appliance Bay is the temp structure incorporated into the former CID block of Banstead Police Station. Meant as temporary but still the Fire Station to this day some 8 years later.

Merseyside used the same structures for the pumps and specials at a few of their rebuilds, one that the ALP took with it to one job 😶

They used parts of other buildings for the accommodation near by but I have seen some that used a series of stacked portacabins, not ideal but workable for just a few months if done properly.

Project – Banstead Fire Station – Niblock

Station – UK Fire Stations

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Following what Percy said about the portakabins, i should add that Malvern at the time was day crewed so there was no sleeping in said portakabins, not something i would be thrilled about. I mention this as i think @C_Iain is at a day crewed station

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I've seen all sorts over the years, from partial decamp, temp buildings/portacabins, move to local industrial unit, half the building demolished whilist the other half kept working, half build in yard then swap to that.  Some sites are totally relocated to a better site, recently been one in Suffolk, Cosham in Hants happening across the road.

If you look at the UK Fire Stations link Percy put up, there has been stations in most Brigades over last few years will give you an idea.

Recent ones are Barnsley South Yorkshire, a few in Avon, Bishops Waltham in Hants, a few in Lincolnshire off the top of my head there has been more.  Broadway in H&W is under going one now if you look on their Facebook.  Humberside have just completed quite a few major refurbs on station with no decamp both wholetime and retained, think there I saw a Dorset one the other day been stripped back to brick inside but still occupied.

It all comes down to planning and what is available. 

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the roof got blown off of one of our stations recently. they are all in portacabin accommodation in the yard. offices, dedicated bedrooms. but the pump bay is still useable, so not quite a full refurb. 

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Another option is to see if the council has any void buildings or any buildings are for rent, Derbyshire did this once before


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Been to two stations recently who are currently im temporary accommodation.

Leicestershire - Western station is in numerous portacabin type buildings in the yard, with an old out building coverted into a temporary lecture/mess/general office, due back in the main building anytime soon.

Hertfordshire - Hertford - pre covid the multi story building was sold off so the site could be redeveloped, station on the bottom and flats about, after covid there is no want for it so its all on hold, appliances are in the bays and the station is some 200ft to the rear at the bottom of the station yard so its a quick dash across the yard for a shout!

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