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Secure Transport RTC's


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Whilst watching the new Luther film (it's quite good). It got me wondering about what the approach to dealing with any prison transport is? I've looked and we don't have an SOP. The consensus on the station was, just wait for the police. however that's not always a given or practicle. What guidance do others have?

I remember on the old board there was a discussion about how to gain entry. I appreciate, that's quite sensitive, so if someone does still have that. I could provide my fire service email to share offline. 

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Without going into too much detail, on their side is always easier than on all four wheels but in any case, with what we have at our disposal it can make light work of even an armoured cash vehicle given time let alone a prison transport vehicle. Ironically though, the older HMP ones, relics in some cases, still used for Cat A High Risk prisoners are far more difficult to get into than the newer ones run by GEOAmey, the current contractor for ‘regular’ prisoner transport. Heavily armed escorted runs are quite a common sight locally what with HMP Manchester being the only Cat A prison around and often the prisoners trials will be at Liverpool, Chester or Preston meaning the twice daily spectacle has to travel some distance. If anywhere will have one it will be here 😐

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I do believe there was a Londons Burning episode where this happened? May have been a cash vehicle. Not sure it would stand up in court as valid training however!

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There’s a lot of variables to this situation, but if there was saveable life I’d get the crews to work, request urgent police attendance along with the reason, and inform the duty NILO. I’d hope that any pertinent information NOT to extricate would come back via the RT. 

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