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CPD Payments

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Can someone remind me why CPD numbers are so different between services? For some reason I thought it was weighted to their size of workforces but no idea where I got that from 

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Wasn't it to do with the amount of people entitled to the Long Service Pay after 15 years and divided accordingly. Im sure I remember something along these lines. 

Ive attached the new CPD payments below. 

CPD Increase.pdf

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I remember something along those lines as well Carl. At the time the long service pay was deemed unfair / discriminatory due to age so was replaced. As it was tied into the modernisation agenda, you had to qualify for the new CPD payment by showing how you met the criteria, one of which was you had to have 8 years service. I could never figure that out, one length of service was discriminatory the other not and in other sectors length of time served increments were fine.:/

Looking at the money side, the amount allocated to the long service payment was divvied up between more people, including retained members, who didn't previously receive it, on a pro rata basis. That explains why it was different across all Brigades / Services. How it is still different, I'm not sure, possibly it is just increased by the same percentage as the pay rise?

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You’re right Carl, it was all part of the post Bain ‘Modernisation Agenda’.

In true Fire and Rescue fashion though it was a total dogs breakfast. As Keith says their own ‘discriminatory’ argument was contradictory for a start and the whole CPD premise is in need of a top to bottom revamp.

For a start, most services took it off you if you were successful in gaining promotion… or in other words, the ultimate demonstration of Continually Professionally Developing one’s self 🤷🏻‍♂️

Again, some also take it off you if you are subject to a disciplinary sanction - so you are punished twice (at least) 🤦🏻‍♂️

Due to all the bargaining leverage we now have, coming out of the pay dispute in such a strong position, I am hopeful we will put that to good use and consign the current CPD arrangements and inconsistencies to the history books along with many other aspects of the post 2003 agenda that have proven disastrous too.

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If my memory serves me correctly the FBU are currently working on getting us all on the top rate. Whether it will happen remains a mystery though.

The difference locally is down to wilful misinterpretation of the national guidance from some brigades.... 

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Imho the same wilful misinterpretation covers the fact that many RDS receive 25% of the figure rather than a Pro Rata.  The original wording was that it should be Pro Rata subject to a minimum of 25%.  If your busy RDS ff’s total earnings are, say, 40% of a WT salary then they should get 40% of the CPD but very few services pay it correctly.  

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