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Riding 5/4


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We will in WMFS on 1 appliance stations but can be downgraded if staffing drops. Also use Risk Based Crewing on some stations where you have 7 on duty, can have 3 on the BRV and 4 on the PRL or 2 and 5 depending on the incident

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Lancs run with 5 ideally but in reality often drop to 4, overtime and detachments as the norm to keep pumps on the run. The retained struggle for OIC's with some running with OIC drivers.  Retained pumps can ride 3(!) as a Small Incident Unit but are limited in what they go to.

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Our WT pumps should ride 4 and 4 if the 2nd pump is on, if not, the 1st should ride with 5, though that doesn’t always happen due to staffing issues.
All RDS pumps will ride with 4 and certain pumps can be turned out as a small incident unit or phased response. (We have stopped the practice of OIC/Driver though, they must now be two separate people)

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Essex aim to ride 5 (and 4) but I don’t think it happens as much as it should.  On call ride absolute minimum of 4, but I will always prefer to take 5 or even 6 if it doesn’t delay the machine.  OiC driver is technically possible with caveats under our current policy but only a few on call stations do it. I believe this policy is up for review.

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