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Life in West Mids FRS


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I'm currently based at a 1 appliance in central London doing around 2600 calls a year. Most are AFAs. Moving to the west midlands soon and hoping to maybe transfer there. Can anyone tell me more about WMFRS? Busy stations, type of calls received, general life at West mids?


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I’ve just left west Mids after 24 years but can say it’s a great brigade to work for.  Nothing is perfect as most if not all stations aren’t very busy anymore but coming from London, I doubt it’s vastly different (although I could be wrong as I’ve never worked in LFB 😜

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It's a very different beast in a lot of ways (feel free to pm me) and it's very similar in a lot of ways. I'd definitely say it's a better FRS due to a better share of incidents across stations, tactics and mentality of the crews.

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