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Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022


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Under these Regs, those responsible for some high rise premises including flats have to supply plans and other info to the Fire Service

Monthly checks of firefighting lifts must also be undertaken and defects that cause a firefighting lift to be unusable must be immediately reported to the fire service

In your brigade, what do you do when a defectve is reported to you & what action does your fire service carry out? (Increased PDA? An immediate site visit? You tell me)

Or are you not aware of this legislation?

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We have all had training in this. All SMs and Fire Safety are instantly notified when the defective submission is submitted. The Duty SM then has to act upon it by gathering the relevant information from the RP if its not clear. They then follow a flow chart to determine the severity and then we have a host of things we have to put in place, including risk notes, tactical information notes, updating MDTs and instigating a site visit by crews and fire safety. Dependant upon the severity, we can instigate an increase in the PDA. We have to act upon it within 24hrs and then document everything we do. Our "High Rise Task Force" and "Reactive" fire safety teams will then pick this up. 

Its only its first week and the process will be constantly reviewed to make improvements along the way. 

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